Justgiving is an easy and efficient way to donate or raise funds for charity.

Through the Justgiving website you can either donate funds directly on line to ACROSS or if you are planning a fundraising event you can easily – with no skills – create a web page and Justgiving will do the hard work for you – and ACROSS!

No more running around friends with a grotty piece of crumpled paper!   No more having to chase friends up for money weeks and weeks after the event!   No more keeping charity money for weeks and weeks until you collect it all in!  

A sponsored cylce for ACROSS which raised £1736 with the help of Justgiving

Instead you create the web site and e-mail notification of it to everyone in your address book – even aunty May in far flung Australia can donate.     Your friends then access the website and donate on line by debit or credit card – that’s it!

 Justgiving will not only forward the donations directly to ACROSS, but if applicable they will also reclaim the Gift Aid from the Government and send it directly to the ACROSS bank account.  Justgiving do take a small commission for the work they do, but the Trustees of ACROSS consider this is more than offset by the savings provided to us in time and effort.

Go directly to Justgiving

If you do set up a Justgiving web page on behalf of ACROSS please notify the secretary so we can relate donations to you when they arrive.

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