E Mail Campaign

One way of promoting ACROSS is to circulate a notice of our existance to everyone you know.

Below is the wording of a suggested e-mail circulation which you can copy and paste to a new message and personalise it to all your friends!



I have just discovered the most fantastic web site of a small charitable organisation that does the most wonderful work in taking sick and disabled people to Lourdes and other European holiday destinations. They use unique road vehicles called the Jumbulance that are fitted out with every conceivable need, including beds, to make a long journey from the UK to Lourdes very comfortable.

They cover the whole of the UK and they are dedicated to catering for the terminally ill and those with the most severe disabilities. Have a look at their web site www.across.org.uk.

It looks a great organisation and they always need helpers to travel on their pilgrimages. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!


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