Our Other Vehicles

We have two other vehicles:  the Mini and the Micro.  

The Mini

The Mini is used to provide transport in and around Lourdes and on sightseeing tours further afield.  The Mini is a bit smaller than the standard Jumbulances and is more able to cope with the narrow streets of Lourdes and the mountain roads of the Pyrenees.








                            The Mini                                                                      A group enjoying an outing in the Mini

ACROSS will take delivery of a new Mini in 2014. Like its predecessor, it has a lift, toilet, and can accommodate pilgrims in seats and wheelchairs or trolley beds with secure clamps and fixings.


The Micro

Donated by pilgrims from the Arundel & Brighton Diocese, The Micro has the ability to carry up to six passengers in a combination of fixed seats, clamped wheelchairs or a trolley bed.
The Micro is of great use when visits have to be made to the Lourdes General Hospital or the Dialysis Centre a few kilometres outside Lourdes.

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