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    If you are looking for a unique, rewarding and fulfilling experience, you’ve found it! 
    We run weekly pilgrimages by Jumbulance to Lourdes between Easter and November, as well as European holidays.


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  • Update On Cross-Channel Travel

    Stef, who manages the transport for ACROSS, is regularly monitoring the situation in Calais and also on the M20, where Operation Stack is based.  So far, disruption on the outward journey has been kept to a minimum; we have been able to keep to time or close to time on all journeys to France.  On the return journeys, we have been operating close to schedule so far.  Action from striking workers seem to be happening at the start of the week to cause the greatest disruption to freight travel.
    The situation with regard to migrants is far more fluid.  While the majority of the trouble has been based around the port of Calais, Eurotunnel has started to experience problems with immigrants trying to get into its site.  So far, this has not affected ACROSS but we are looking at alternative routes should this become a problem to our pilgrimages.

    We will, of course, keep you informed of developments as they happen but at the moment we are able to operate a normal, or near-normal service.

    A Jumbulance is a unique, specially-designed coach ambulance which provides safe and comfortable transport for travellers with disabilities and illnesses. 

    We provide travel opportunities for groups or individuals. Groups comprise a team of helpers, medics and a chaplain taking care of a range of unable or ill travellers. All helpers volunteer their time and everyone pays their way. An ACROSS pilgrimage or holiday is busy, tiring and a wonderful experience where you make life-long friends.

    We are always looking for helpers to fill our groups. If you are interested, you can find most details in this site, or feel free to call us (see the "contact us" page). We hope to see you soon on a Jumbulance.


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